piątek, 19 czerwca 2009

The Grouch And Eligh - Say G And E-2009-

ARTiST: The Grouch & Eligh
GENRE: Hip-Hop
LABEL: Legendary Music
RiP.DATE: Apr-21-2009
STR.DATE: Apr-21-2009
SiZE: 84,9 MB
ENCODER: Lame v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
GRABBER: EAC Secure Mode
BiTRATE: VBRkbit - 44,1kHz - Joint-Stereo
PLAYTiME: 64:13 min

01. 02:52 Intro (Feat. Mystic) (Prod. By Eligh)
02. 04:22 Say G&E! (Prod. By Eligh)
03. 03:50 Push On (Push Up) (Prod. By Eligh)
04. 04:12 Old Souls (Feat. Blu) (Prod. By Flying Lotus)
05. 04:06 BOOM (Feat. Slug Of Atmosphere) (Prod. By Amp Live)
06. 04:46 Denial (Prod. By Rick Rock)
07. 05:26 I Know You Wanna Feel (Prod. By Eligh)
08. 03:32 Teach Me The Way (Prod. By Eligh)
09. 04:53 All In (Feat. Gift Of Gab And Pigeon John) (Prod. By Eligh)
10. 03:45 Do It Again (Feat. DJ Fresh) (Prod. By Eligh)
11. 05:11 Rivers Run Dry (Prod. By Eligh)
12. 03:48 No Flowers (Feat. Paris Hayes) (Prod. By Eligh)
13. 04:05 Comin' Up (Feat. Mistah F.A.B.) (Prod. By Eligh)
14. 04:56 Worried About The World (Feat. Mike Marshall And Sage Francis) (Prod. By Eligh)
15. 04:29 Sign Of The Times (Feat. Mark Bell) (Prod. By Eligh)

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