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Big L - Unreleased-1999-

DATE: 11/27/99
LAbEL: Flamboyent
SiZE: 31.5 Mb
ENCOdER: Franhoufer
TRACkS: 15
Year: 1999
Source: Vinyl/CD/Tape

01-Internationally Known f D.I.T.C.
02-Times Is Hard On The Boulevard
03-Get Yours f OC
04-The Enemy f D.I.T.C.
06-Should of Wore a Rubber
07-Devils Son
08-Dignified Soldiers f D.I.T.C.
09-5 Fingers Of Death f D.I.T.C
10-Day One f D.I.T.C.
11-Work Pt II f Gangstarr
12-MVP (Summer Smooth Mix)
13-You Know What I'm About f Lord Finesse
14-Freestyle Pt. 1 f Lord Finesse
15-Freestyle Pt. 2 f Lord Finesse

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